Best Makeup Mirrors: Your Personal Glow-Up Glass

Sadly, your standard wall mirrors will not enable you to achieve an even-toned, smooth makeup look that appears the same in the light inside your house or outside. Instead, you need a makeup or vanity mirror that empowers you to take full control over your everyday look. We have researched the best makeup mirrors for you to be your best version of yourself daily.

WEILY Makeup Mirror

Best overall

The makeup mirror by WEILY is a perfect vanity tool for every makeup lover. It has built-in, adjustable LED lights; magnifying power offers flexible use and great value for money.


  • Comes with different magnifying powers
  • The mirror is rotatable to 180 degrees
  • LED lights can be adjusted easily
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Comes with a durable, pristine look
  • Travel-friendly


  • Small USB cord
  • Flimsy on and off switch


Makeup is art, and the makeup mirror by WEILY makes you the perfect artist.

This vanity mirror has amazing and advanced features that empower you to create a smooth makeup look like a pro. WEILY is known for creating premium quality products, and this makeup mirror is no different.

This mirror comes with a UV coating giving it a polished, sleek, and smooth finish preventing any scratches, oil or makeup stains, and fingerprints. In addition, the ABS plastics used in this model make it more long-lasting.

One of the best features that are a win for every makeup enthusiast is that this model comes with two different magnifying glass plates and offers magnification in 1x, 2x, and 3x. As a result, it enables you to achieve fine details with your mascara and eyeliner while plucking stray hairs and wearing contact lenses.

Moving further, makeup mirrors get better with every feature. It has 21 built-in smart LED lights. In addition, you can adjust the brightness with the high-tech touch sensor to any level you prefer by using a simple touch sensor switch. This makes meticulous makeup look like a no-hassle zone.

This makeup mirror comes with a storage tray as well. The tray is at the mirror’s base and can hold your makeup tools or jewelry accessories.

This light-emitting vanity mirror allows you to easily adjust the viewing angle to 180 degrees to achieve a full-coverage makeup look. Another nice touch with this handy vanity tool is its tri-fold design. Just fold it like a book, and the mirror remains dust-free, so it does not require high maintenance.

You do not have to worry about the power supply either, because WEILY has also taken care of that. You can operate this beautiful LED makeup mirror using 4 AAA batteries or the USB cable that comes with it.

Some customers find this makeup mirror expensive, and there have been complaints that the USB cable is too short, making it difficult to plug in. In addition, the on and off switch comes with a touch sensor that can be difficult to operate while doing your makeup.

Overall, we think the WEILY Makeup Mirror has modern features, provides good value for money, and can be a great gift for any makeup lover.

Jerdon JGL9W

Runner up

On the go, the Jerdon JGL9W is your savior for an everyday smooth makeup look. It comes with an LED-lit, two-sided, fully adjustable, and rotatable mirror at an affordable price.


  • Comes with a pristine, decorative look and white finish
  • Adjustable LED light setting
  • Built-in, uninterrupted power supply
  • Two-sided rotatable mirror
  • Fully adjustable magnification


  • The light is not bright enough


Your life may not be perfect, but your makeup look can be with the Jerdon JGL9W makeup mirror. A perfect blend of beauty and modern features, you will fall in love at first sight with this pristine, gorgeously white tabletop or bathroom vanity mirror.

It is made from a premium quality material that enhances durability and makes this vanity mirror easy to maintain and use.

It is easy to fold and detach a tri-fold design with a two-sided panoramic mirror. The adjustable side mirrors have built-in touch LED lighting that enables you to make it as bright or as dim as you like. The LED lights have four adjustable settings.

This cosmetic mirror has a varying magnification that can swivel from 1x to 5x, allowing you to leverage a convenient zoom-in and out feature. For instance, if you want a simple hairdo, set it on 1x, but to achieve a uniform, fine-detailed eyeliner look, you can set it to 4x or 5x.

Jerdon knows how to make the products customer friendly as, unlike many other makeup mirrors, this one has a fully adjustable and dynamic back stand. In addition, you can set it to any angle and light direction to have better visibility.

It has a built-in electrical supply that can support appliances like curling iron up to 120 volts. It allows you to keep your vanity dresser organized and everything in place while you work on yourself.

It is compact, sturdy, and lightweight, making it easy to use and assemble and a great gift for your family and friends.

There have been some problems including that customers do not find this product travel friendly and the light does not go bright enough according to some people. However, the company’s endless benefits and 1-year warranty easily overpower these minor nuisances.

As per our research, we can safely conclude that this pristine Jerdon makeup mirror is a good purchase and makes a stunning addition to your vanity that you can use to do makeup with fine details.

DecoBros Makeup mirror

Budget pick

If you are a professional makeup artist or enthusiast on a budget, this DecoBros Makeup Mirror is your savior. This beautiful vanity mirror has all the basic features at a throwaway price.


  • Adjustable magnification for better clarity
  • Two-sided, fully rotatable mirror
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Ultra sleek chrome finish
  • Budget-friendly


  • Difficult to assemble


Even if you are on a tight budget, that should not stop you from grooming yourself and attaining a fine-detailed makeup look.

The DecoBros makeup mirror allows you to leverage all the basic features of a vanity mirror at a great price. It does not break the bank for you while upgrading your makeup game to a professional level.

The small built-in LED lights allow you to adjust the brightness and do any makeup look you want at any time of the day.

This is a round bathroom and tabletop makeup mirror with a compact, sleek design and a large adjustable stand. It enables you to adjust the magnification from 1x to 8x to different levels for better clarity and a great reflection in the mirror.

This mirror comes with a 360-degree rotatable swivel design and two-sided round mirrors, each with a 6-inch diameter. The size and shape of this cosmetic mirror provide great coverage for your full face and some part of the neck so you can finish your makeup with finesse.

This makeup mirror provides a clean and precise reflection that allows you to tend to every detail of your makeup and hair. All you have to do is adjust the mirror as per your position, and you are good to go.

The metallic color, smooth touch, and pristine look have a chrome body finish that amplifies durability with low maintenance. In addition, it protects the mirror from condensation and moisture, so it remains free of oil and makeup stains and from the messy makeup-loaded touch of your fingerprints.

The best part is that this model has a patent pending with USPTO and comes with a lifelong warranty.

USPTO Patent Pending, Comes with a lifetime limited warranty difficulty in assembling or any other issue; you get in touch with the company to resolve all issues.

We think this makeup mirror by DecosBros provides great features in a budget-friendly way for your use or even as a giftable item.

FENCHILIN Makeup mirror

Best premium

This Hollywood glam-style makeup mirror by FENCHILIN is all you need to add beauty to your room and your face. It makes a good purchase with dimmable lights, adjustable magnification, and rotation.


  • Comes with a smart touch screen mirror
  • It is easy to disassemble and reassemble
  • Offers 360-degree mirror flip and rotation
  • Safe and offers long-lasting use
  • Has a beautiful, glam-style look


  • Expensive
  • Brightness level fluctuates while doing makeup


Makeup enthusiasts or professional makeup artists are picky about their vanity choices. So the makeup mirror is a big deal for them; they want it to help them slay a beautiful look and glam up their dressing areas.

If you are one of them, then a FENCHILIN Hollywood-style makeup mirror is all you need in life.

This vanity desk mirror comes with 12 high-quality LED lights that you can easily adjust to the level of brightness you want. It also includes three different light settings, including warm-yellow, cool-white, and daylight, so you will have no problem dolling up for any event at any time of the day.

This mirror has a built-in smart touch design that you can use to change the brightness of light and magnification. In addition, the 360-degree, adjustable swivel design offers excellent flexibility and superb convenience, especially when you struggle to get your winged liner on with perfection.

The free rotation allows you to adjust the vanity mirror as per the height of your dressing table.

It has a great power supply that can go on for hours without brakes. The 60-inch 12V UL-certified power adapter makes it great to be attaché to any electrical outlet near your makeup desk.

Let us tell you a secret, even if you are not into makeup or want to gift it to someone, and this vanity mirror makes a perfect vintage centerpiece. You can add a classic touch to your interior decoration with this masterpiece.

It also has a detached bale magnifying mirror that can magnify up to 10x for ultra-high precision. So you can easily wear contact lenses, pluck all the unwanted hairs from your eyebrows and chin, and do a perfect eyeliner action without any hassle.

Do you want to know another amazing thing? You can stick this detachable mirror while in the shower that will allow you to scrub, exfoliate and do great facial care!

This floor-mount, stunning makeup mirror is compact, lightweight, and has a polished surface to keep it dust and scratch-free.

Even though people love this model, it is pricier, and not everyone wants to invest a big amount for a vanity mirror. Moreover, it is not travel-friendly, and there have been some concerns that often the mirror starts to adjust the brightness itself, running the makeup look during your work.

Overall, our research tells us that the modern features with a touch screen and a Hollywood-style look make it a good purchase.

Fancii LED Makeup mirror

Best travel makeup mirror

If you are concerned about your makeup glammed up, look for good pictures on your next trip; worry not. This Fancii LED makeup mirror is your best travel buddy with all the features you need.


  • Best travel companion
  • High-end adjustable magnification
  • Comes with a wide illumination mirror
  • Sophisticated daylight sensing
  • Easy to detach and reattach
  • Budget-friendly


  • Fragile


Travel and makeup are always fun. But what makes everything better is a good travel companion. The Fancii LED makeup mirror is your best makeup companion for a beautiful makeup look anywhere, anytime.

It is small, compact, lightweight, and easily fits in your handbag. But, do not mistake the small size for less power. This travel-friendly vanity mirror is powerful enough to enable you to achieve a makeup look with finesse on the go.

It is a foldable makeup mirror with two glass panels that offer a non-distorted reflection. Moreover, it comes with adjustable magnification, from 1x to 10x, so you do not have to worry about those stray chin or eyebrow hairs growing without your notice. Even if you cannot view them in normal mirrors, you can easily pinpoint and then pluck them out with this Fancii vanity mirror.

Even at 1x magnification, you can leverage the edge-to-edge mirror view for a simple hairdo.

This mirror has energy-efficient LED lights that are fit for day and nighttime use. They consume 60% less energy than the usual incandescent bulbs with 30% better brightness and can last 20,000 hours.

These lights provide full brightness for your face and enable you to do a natural makeup look, so you do not look like the weird, cracked makeup girl in broad daylight.

This makeup mirror by Fancii is designed to be compact yet slim and stylish with a glossy back look that makes it suitable for use and as a gift for any occasion. So next time you upset your girlfriend or wife, surprise them with this beauty, and all sins will be forgiven. This gorgeous invention helps put a beautiful smile and makeup on anyone’s face in no time.

The best part is it provides great value for money. It is affordable and efficiently executes all the functions of a high-end vanity mirror. So you can do a professional makeup look, a great hairdo, and tweeze all your unwanted hairs on the go.

The biggest setback with this beautiful travel companion is that it is fragile. It can break into two easily, and then there will be no going back.

According to our research, we conclude that this Fancii LED makeup mirror is easy to use, easy to carry, and an affordable option that makes traveling easy.

Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of us all?

Remember this from our all-time favorite fairytale. Now, the wall mirrors are outdated. You do not need a mirror to tell you how beautiful you are; you need a mirror that helps you become the prettiest version of yourself.

Vanity or makeup mirrors are the stars of every makeup kit these days.

Whether you wear makeup seldomly or leave your house without applying a few products is not an option, a makeup mirror is your best friend. Unfortunately, the large mirror on your dressers or over your sink reflects light differently than the light outside. This means the same makeup may appear overdone if you look flawless inside your home.

You need to get a makeup mirror that will enable you to do a makeover with finesse like a pro, and this buying guide will help you get one.

Makeup Mirror – Your Beautiful Reflection

You can mount a makeup or cosmetic mirror on your countertop or get a wall-hanging vanity mirror if you do not have enough space. Either way, the most important thing is to choose the right type and size of the mirror that must cover your face or some of your neck for an even-toned look.

Makeup or cosmetic mirrors are concave, not flat like your normal bathroom ones, or spherical like your car’s rear mirrors. The concavity helps to converge the light and then focus it on the spot for better clarity.

Let us get straight into the types, facts, and features of makeup mirrors so you can find the look that suits you best.

Types of Makeup Mirrors – Choose Your Pick

Makeup or vanity mirrors come in different shapes, sizes, magnifications, and light saturation. You can zoom in to pluck those stray hairs from your chin or set the LED light per your skin tone.

There are several types of makeup mirrors, including:

Wall Makeup Mirrors

If you do not have enough space, or prefer a vanity mirror next to your shower tub, then a wall-hanging mirror can be a good choice.

Table-Mounted Makeup Mirrors

A pretty vanity mirror sitting elegantly on your dresser or countertop in the bathroom enables you to fall in love with yourself every single time. You can get them in different sizes and shapes, so you can easily find the one that adjusts according to your space.

Magnifying Makeup Mirrors

These vanity mirrors allow you to zoom in and out and focus better.

LED Makeup Mirrors

Many people, especially women, consider LED makeup mirrors a regular bath essential. You can adjust the light as per your preference and do your makeup smoothly.

Features of Makeup Mirrors

Here are the key features that make every makeup mirror a good makeup accessory:

Ease of Use and Setup

Makeup mirrors can come in one piece, or you must assemble some parts that offer ease of use.


You may need to pluck some unwanted hairs or zoom in to do perfect eyeliner, and the magnification feature will help you with a perfect makeover.

Rotatable Mirror

The makeup mirror must be easy to flip or adjust the angle so you can work comfortably

LED Lights

It is always a deal breaker when the foundation looks perfect inside your home, but LED lights allow you to do makeup in a light that matches your skin tone, so it’s uniform anywhere you go.

Power Supply

As your makeup mirror has LED lights and magnification features, it must also have a good power supply that works without brakes.


Women can go without food, but not without their makeup touchups on a long day. This is why most makeup mirrors must be easy to carry.

Additional Features

Offers diverse use, strong, durable, touch screen, lightweight, and cost-effective.

Final Words

If you are planning to buy a makeup mirror, ensure that it has all the features that will enable you to create an impeccable makeup look with finesse. Get yourself a mirror that makes you look beautiful anywhere you go.

It must be easy to use and set up, allow you to adjust the light saturation and magnification, and be travel-friendly.

Next time you go makeup mirror shopping, skim through this buying guide.

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