Best Waffle Maker: Golden Grids Gazette

Do you like having crispy and delicious waffles for breakfast or lunch? If yes, then there’s nothing like homemade waffles! We bet you already knew that, but you may not know what waffle maker to get. We have researched and reviewed the best ones below.

Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel

Best overall

Oster CKSTWF2000 is a round and durable Belgian waffle maker with a non-stick baking plate 8-inches wide and temperature control to make crispy or fluffy waffles. It is safe and easy to use.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • 8-inches wide anti-stick baking plate
  • Temperature control
  • Safe handle
  • Easy to use


  • Some users claim it heats unevenly
  • It may not produce deep pockets in waffles


From our research, the Oster CKSTWF2000 is the best overall in terms of durability, performance, safety, ease of use, and cleaning.

This Belgian waffle maker gets its durability from the solid body construction using stainless steel and quality plastic for the baking plate, temperature control area, and handle. Users should be careful not to touch the sides of the device during use, as some users confirmed it could get pretty hot.

The baking plate is round and 8-inches wide to make delicious Belgian waffles. It’s also non-stick, so you don’t have to oil it before using, and cleaning it after use is super easy.

The device’s handle provides a soft touch, opening and closing easily. On the opposite end of the handle are the on/off buttons with green and red indicator lights and a temperature control knob to set precise temperatures, depending on whether you want a thin and fluffy waffle or a crispy waffle. We think the handles and controls are well-placed for easy access.

Despite these merits, some users complained the products heat unevenly. However, some users said that when they changed the consistency of the batter, they achieved better evenness and pointed out it may take some time for the ingredients to heat evenly.

Another issue is that a few past buyers claim the device doesn’t make waffles with deep pockets, which is the signature style of Belgian waffles.

Overall, the Oster CKSTWF2000 performs very well and is sure to make you fluffy or crispy Belgian waffles in no time.

Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker, Silver

Runner up

Cuisinart Waffle maker is a compact device with a quartered anti-stick baking plate and five browning settings to increase your options. It produces round, 7-inches waffles and is easy to clean.


  • Makes 7-inches waffles
  • Five browning setting
  • Non-stick and cleans easily
  • BPA-free and safe


  • Makes thin waffles
  • Few complaints of its cover being loose


Coming next as runner-up is Cuisinart’s waffle maker, which provides five browning settings and good usability.

You will find this compact device very handy for home or outdoor uses. It has a stainless steel body with a cooking plate, control section, and hinge made from plastic. As with many other products, the stainless steel body does get hot, so refrain from touching that during use.

The plastic is BPA-free, making it safe to use, and the product has a sleek and compact design for portability and easy storage.

With this device, you can make round, 7-inches waffles, courtesy of the cooking plate, which is quartered to make sharing with family and friends easy. The cooking plate also doesn’t stick, making it easy to maintain.

A unique feature of this waffle maker is its five browning settings, controlled by an easy slider, and allows users to set their preferred brownness. In that section are red and green light indicators indicating when to add batter for baking and when the waffles are ready. You should note, however, that it doesn’t beep when the waffles are ready, so you have to be on the lookout for the green light so your waffles don’t overcook or burn.

Citing previous buyers’ reports, they complained about the poor quality and design of the hinge, which ultimately resulted in the cover being loose. Likewise, some said this product makes thin waffles, and they would’ve preferred if they were a bit thicker.

Regardless, many have attested that this product makes good waffles, and we think it will be worth investing in.

Dash Mini Maker: The Mini Waffle Maker Machine for Individual Waffles, Paninis, Hash Browns, & Other on The go Breakfast, Lunch, or Snacks - Pink

Budget pick

Dash Mini Waffle Maker is an affordable and versatile product that can also make hash browns, paninis, and more. It has a non-stick plate and heats up quickly. It features anti-skid legs for safety.


  • Low cost
  • Heats up quickly
  • Multi-function
  • Non-stick plate
  • Anti-skid legs and safe handle


  • Small


The Dash Mini Waffle Maker is perfect for people shopping for an affordable yet functional product.

Starting with its outstanding feature, this device heats up quickly, providing hot, crispy waffles in a few minutes. It opens up to reveal two baking plates that provide even heating across the plates and are non-stick for easy cleaning.

It weighs a little over a pound and is suitable for home, dorm, camping, or RV uses. Its portable size also takes just a little storage space, and its pink finish makes it an eye-catching addition to your kitchen decor.

For its price, we like that you can also use it to make hash browns, paninis, or even biscuit pizzas, allowing users to get creative and explore different breakfast options. With anti-skid legs and a heat-resistant handle, this device guarantees the safety of users during use.

The device is easy to use, powering on when plugged into a power outlet. The blue light indicator turns on when it’s ready to bake and turns off when the waffles are ready. Although a few users mentioned the blue light indicator being weak and going off at the wrong times, we didn’t include them as demerits as they may be a rare case of factory error.

However, the major complaint from users is that the size is too small. Although it’s labeled a mini device, many users still found its 4-inch diameter small.

We think this product is a steal for its functions and will serve you well, especially if you don’t mind small-sized waffles.

Breville BREBWM520XL "The No Mess" Waffle Iron, Metallic

Best premium

The Breville BREBWM520XL is a heavy-duty waffle maker that offers dual waffle plates divided into four sections, seven browning settings, thermal pro heating, and other unique features.


  • High-quality build
  • Seven browning settings
  • Non-toxic quartered-plate
  • Anti-mess moat


  • Poor non-stick coating
  • Few users claim it doesn’t heat evenly


A glance at The Breville BREBWM520XL, and you can tell it’s sturdy and built for heavy use – and that observation turns out to be correct.

This waffle maker has a body of alloy steel and dual plates made from die-cast aluminum; both materials are durable and safe. Opening this device with its robust, non-slip handle reveals the inside; upper and lower waffle plates that are divided into four sections.

The plate has an all-around moat that prevents the excess batter from spilling outside and instead also cooks them. The plates are chemical-free and don’t react with foods. However, the waffles it makes are only about 6.5 inches in diameter, not as thick as a standard Belgian waffle.

A knob for adjusting between seven browning settings is at the lower front end. And there are yellow and blue indicator lights that alert users when the device is powered and when it’s ready to make waffles, respectively.

Due to its sturdy size, you cannot move it frequently, and it best stays on countertops. According to the manufacturers, it is also compatible with induction stovetops. To prevent spills or kitchen accidents, the lid has a locking mechanism, ensuring the cover is fully locked and secure.

Despite the thermal pro heating feature, a few users complained they could not achieve even heating with their products. Also, many users criticized the device’s plates, saying they are not so much non-stick and had to oil them when heated up to make up for it.

The Breville BREBWM520XL doesn’t quite meet our expectations but remains a good product that can make sweet and crispy waffles.

Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker, Red

Best cartoon waffle maker

The Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse waffle maker makes a 6-inches wide mickey mouse-shaped waffle. This product has non-stick plates for easy cleaning and an anti-skid rubber base for safety.


  • It makes a 6” mickey-mouse waffle
  • Fairly non-stick plate
  • Mickey mouse power indicator
  • Anti-skid rubber base


  • No indicator for when the waffle maker is heated up and ready
  • The non-stick coating may wear off gradually


Cartoon lovers will surely find this Mickey Mouse waffle maker impressive, and it makes good waffles too.

This product from Disney makes a 6-inches mickey mouse-shaped waffle. Although entirely made from plastic and not as sturdy as our top pick, it still has a decent quality build that goes right on countertops and is also portable enough for outdoor use.

This waffle maker is generally safe; it has an anti-skid rubber base to prevent slipping on surfaces and is made from a non-toxic plastic material. It is straightforward and fast, making a waffle in just minutes. It also has a soft touch handle to open and close the device quickly.

Although it’s labeled a waffle maker, it produces thin waffles without the pockets of a regular or Belgian waffle because of its design and may be close in appearance to a pancake instead. You may also find it less crispy compared to a traditional or Belgian waffle, but it still makes delicious waffles regardless.

The plates were designed to be non-stick to reduce mess and make cleaning easy, but some users have said they became less “non-stick” over time and may benefit from rubbing with oil or butter before use.

Another issue is the lack of indicator lights for when the device is heated up and ready to receive the waffles for cooking. Instead, it only has a red power light indicator shaped like a Mickey Mouse.

Altogether, this product is considered good and safe and will be a great purchase for parents with kids or even adults that are Disney fans.

Waffle maker buying guide

When deciding what waffle maker to buy, consider the product type and the features that best suit your specific use and preferences. This buying guide will help you choose the best waffle maker for your needs, so you can enjoy making delicious waffles whenever and wherever you want.
belgian waffle maker

What is a waffle maker, and how does it work?

A waffle maker is an excellent way to cook waffles quickly while ensuring they are cooked perfectly. The vast majority of waffle makers include a variety of cooking plates for different types of batter as well as a stainless steel finish, making this small appliance a desirable addition to your kitchen.

Waffle making is a relatively simple operation involving a waffle plate, which essentially acts as a grill to cook the batter on. A waffle maker manually regulates the cooking process and the outcome, producing quality waffles. It seals the batter as it cooks, creating a crispy texture on the waffle while serving it hot and fresh.

Types of waffle makers

Waffle makers come in various styles, and knowing your options will allow you to select your ideal waffle maker with greater confidence.

Commercial waffle maker

The commercial waffle maker also called a classic waffle iron, is a sizable professional device used in large restaurant kitchens to prepare crepes, sandwich waffles, cinnamon rolls, and other pastries.

It’s super easy to use. All you have to do is pour all of the ingredients into the waffle plates, close the lid, and let it cook with a green light indicator. Its removable plates are also straightforward to clean and can work continuously for long periods.

Belgian waffle maker

The Belgian-style waffle maker is ideal for home kitchens. It is the quickest waffle maker for producing the waffles you want, and they turn out evenly cooked with a slightly crunchier texture than waffles made with other machines.

Since Belgian waffles are typically larger and thicker than traditional waffles, size should be considered when buying its maker. They may also be available in various models, such as electric, stovetop, ceramic, and home models, each of which produces a distinct and delicious Belgian flavor.

Flip waffle maker

The flip waffle maker produces thick, heavy, and flat waffles. It is a traditional waffle maker that continuously flips the ingredients while cooking and can hold batter for more than one waffle. Although they may spill from the sides and overflow, they are effortless to clean.

If you own a restaurant and require a large waffle maker, this professional flip model is an excellent option because it can produce large golden-brown waffles at once.

Electric waffle iron

The electric waffle iron cooks waffles while heating, flips them, and bakes them in the oven. It consists of two rectangular, hinged metal plates that are heated and squeezed together to cook the batter inside, giving the finished product a crisp, lattice texture.

The nonstick surfaces of electric waffle irons are typically easy to clean and can be used to make a variety of waffles. If you want an excellent waffle iron that makes your breakfast with the push of a button, get an electric waffle iron.
waffle makers with removable plates

Things to consider when buying your waffle maker

The following features are critical to consider when selecting the best waffle maker for you.

Single vs. double waffle maker

There are single and double models of waffle makers, each with unique features to satisfy your preferences. A single waffle maker makes one waffle at a time and about 25 to 35 per hour, making it ideal for use at home or in small restaurants.

Double waffle makers use dual single waffle irons placed side-by-side to make 40 to 60 waffles hourly, making them suitable for commercial and large restaurants.

Cooking time

The waffle maker you choose significantly impacts the cooking process. Different waffle makers have different cooking rates due to varying heating plates. As a result, you should choose which type to buy based on your cooking style and the types of waffles you usually make. The fastest products make waffles in 3-4 minutes.

Browning control

It is best to choose waffle makers with adjustable cooking settings so you can customize the cooking temperature to your preferences. In essence, your waffle maker should have a browning control feature that allows you to select the level of browning you want for your waffles.

Cooking plate design

This is another vital feature to consider before purchasing your waffle maker. Your waffle maker’s cooking plate design determines how easy it is to clean and how many waffles you can make in a few minutes.

Furthermore, each model has its distinct features that provide exceptional value. Non-stick plates, for instance, are cleaner and easier to use, while removable grids are simple to maintain and store.

Ready indicator

With this feature, you can cool your prepared batter without worrying about the appliance burning by receiving a green light alert when your waffles are finished cooking. Many products also have indicators to tell you when the device is heated and ready to cook.


It is always a good idea to ensure that you have adequate warranty coverage for damage or problems while using your waffle maker.

Waffle maker cleaning guide

Waffle makers are typically easy to clean, but some models have a reputation for being difficult to maintain. Before purchasing your waffle maker, read this guide on effectively cleaning waffle makers.

  • Unplug from the power outlet and make sure your waffle maker has completely cooled before you begin cleaning to avoid injuring yourself or damaging the appliance.
  • Remove any waffle residue stuck in small gaps of the cooking plate with a cotton bud or a pick.
  • Clean the exterior of the waffle maker with a damp cloth to remove any residual oil.
  • Dry the interior and exterior of your waffle iron thoroughly before storing it.
  • Some models include detachable plates you can clean in the dishwasher or with paper towels.

To make maintenance simple and neat, you can find other specific cleaning instructions in your waffle maker’s instruction manual.

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