Smooth Operator: Best Epilator For Silky Skin

With less hassle and fewer chemicals than waxing or plucking, hair removal can be accomplished using epilators. If you’re having a hard time deciding which to buy, we have researched and narrowed down the best options you can choose from.

Philips HP6401

Best overall

This Philips hair removal device quickly removes any body hair. It has a dual speed setting that can be easily adjusted to suit your skin and hair type, ensuring effective hair removal.


  • Maximum efficiency
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Double speed control
  • Washable tweezer head for proper sterilization


  • It can be noisy and hurts sometimes
  • Some users report it’s better suited for long hairs


The Philips HP6401 Satinelle epilator is your best bet for flawless hair removal. It is small, portable, and straightforward to use. With a sleek, ergonomic body, this product is easy to hold and does a great job epilating hair on legs, arms, bikini lines, and underarms.

One outstanding quality of this product is its dual speed setting, which allows you to select the ideal speed for hair removal, ensuring maximum performance with minimal irritation. It also comes with an efficiency cap that provides gentle epilation in the safest and most effective way.

This epilator for women is ideal for hard-to-reach hair and sensitive skin areas. A peak-sensitive tweezer allows for safe use on even the hairiest parts of your body, leaving them smooth and ready for moisturizing.

One issue with this product is the noise complaint from some past users who said it is louder than they would have preferred. Another issue is that some users claim it does a better job removing long hairs, but it’s not as effective for short hairs. They also added that while it works, it sometimes hurts.

Nonetheless, many users have praised the product’s epilation capabilities for removing unwanted body hair. Not only that, the product’s hygiene consideration is excellent, as it includes a washable epilation head for easy cleaning after each use.

Due to its exceptional performance, we can conclude that this Phillips hair removal device is the right product to get rid of unwanted body hair and would make a good buy.

Philips BRE235/04

Best small epilator

Philips BRE235/04 is an ideal epilator hair removal for women who want both convenience and effectiveness. It has a delicate touch and its small size makes it suitable for travelers.


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Gentle and delicate touch
  • It can be used for both thin and thick hair
  • Dual-speed function
  • Durable with lasting shaving results


  • Using it can be painful
  • No smart light feature


This Philips Satinelle Essential epilator is worth investing in if you want to enjoy smooth skin for several weeks. While it functions similarly to our previous pick, its gentle touch suits it best for sensitive skin areas. It can uproot hair as short as 0.5mm and works well on thick and thin hairs.

Like most Phillips products in this line, they come with an ergonomic design for ease of use that minimizes the risk of getting hurt. You will appreciate the body build of this product, which also includes a comfortable grip to give you extra control while getting your body hair removed.

One great feature of this device is its dual-speed settings which enable you to adjust the speed level depending on your skin needs. Whether coarse or fine hair, you can achieve the perfect body shaving result of your preference. And this device is very durable, so you can be confident of its long-lasting quality.

A cord powers this product, so you don’t have to worry about battery failures which most users highly value. The cord is also long enough for maximum flexibility, allowing you to move around while shaving your body.

Although using this device is highly convenient, it does not have a smart light feature, so there will be no additional illumination if you try to locate a small, difficult-to-see hair region. Many users have also criticized how painful it was to use the hair removal device and that they sometimes experienced reactions.

For its size and features, the Philips Satinelle Essential is undoubtedly a great value product that gets the job done well.

Braun Silk-epil 3-3270

Best budget pick

The Braun Silk Epil 3-3270 is a low-cost epilator for women that can remove even the shortest hairs. Its smart light and massage rollers feature ensure a thorough but safe epilation experience.


  • Very affordable
  • A smart light feature to locate tiny hairs
  • Hair-uprooting 20-tweezer function
  • Multipurpose electric razor
  • Massage rollers for pain relief


  • Time-consuming
  • Some users claim it can be painful to use


This epilator is another Braun’s at-home product with an undeniable track record. It is relatively cheap compared to other products while giving similar or even better performance. This product has a portable design with a comfortable grip that ensures it will fit well in the user’s hand for easy control.

A unique feature of this product is its smart light feature which makes even the tiniest hairs visible so you can pluck them with precision and ease. It also features a 20-tweezer system to remove hairs at the root for long-lasting hair removal, leaving your hair follicle smooth.

For more satisfactory results, the product boasts a dual-speed setting that allows you to choose the optimal speed for your skin type and preference.

Not just reserved for hair removal, this item is a multipurpose electric razor that comes with four attachments, including a foil shaver head, trimmer cap, a cleaning brush, and a massage cap for your overall body hair grooming needs. You can be confident that with this product, you will never run out of your basic hair maintenance needs.

The Silk Epil 3-3270 is not a flawless product for all its strengths. One drawback is that applying it to the hands and legs takes a lot of time, and users have also expressed how painful it is. To remediate this, the product comes with a massage roller that relieves the pain that may occur during use.

Despite its low price, we think the Silk Epil 3-3270 epilator is an effective hair removal device with features that ease users’ use.

Braun Flex 9-300

Best premium

The Braun Flex 9-300 is a high-quality epilator with an ergonomic design perfect for its shaving quality. It features a SensoSmart technology to adjust its intensity for maximum efficiency and safety.


  • Pressure regulator
  • Cordless
  • Smart sensor lighting
  • Fast charge
  • Suitable for wet and dry use
  • Accessories for exfoliating, massaging, and cleansing


  • Few cases of reactions
  • Low battery run time


You should consider this product if you don’t mind spending a little extra on your epilator. The Braun Flex 9-300 has additional features that make it a smart choice for anyone seeking a gentle hair removal experience.

If you are new to epilation and worried about the pain involved, this product is designed with sensitive skin in mind. With a high-quality ergonomic build, this epilator has an anti-slip grip that will keep your hands comfortable during use.

It features an advanced SensoSmart technology that allows you to control the pressure during use in and out of the shower. It is entirely waterproof, which makes it suitable for wet uses in addition to regular dry uses. However, it is good to note that while the charger unit is waterproof, it should not be immersed in water to avoid shock.

Further, this women’s epilator works well as a face epilator with a flexible head that turns to reach difficult areas. It is also highly versatile with attachments such as a face massage pad, a facial brush, and a body massage pad, all of which contribute to a thorough grooming process.

Braun also ensures that this product has a quick charging time of about two hours with a run time of 50 minutes. However, some users consider its run time low and frequently complain about having to replace the battery.

A demerit of this product is that some users have reported having reactions on the first use, but many of them have confirmed that these irritations went away the next day. Users have also stated that it may hurt a little initially, but it soon becomes bearable.

Overall, the Braun Flex 9-300 epilator for women is a versatile product with modern features to deliver efficient and comfortable use.

Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

Best slim epilator

This Emjoi Epi Slim epilator hair removal for women is portable and convenient to carry. It is perfect for tender skin areas with thinner hair and delivers detailed and well-shaven skin results.


  • Three disc heads for enhanced functionality
  • It is portable and handy
  • Skin glide technology removes hair with less irritation
  • Nine tweezer controls with 540 actions per second
  • It is less painful to use


  • No speed control
  • It may be unsuitable for thick or coarse hairs


The Emjoi Epi Slim epilator is an excellent choice for a smooth trim of fine hairs on your skin. This device has all of the necessary features, including a three-disc head that gently assists in stretching your skin, increasing comfort, and allowing you to achieve your desired smooth, shaved skin.

With a portable design, you can use this product wherever you want; it is the perfect handy hair removal device for everyday use. The device is also effortless to use. All you have to do is appropriately place the battery in its component and turn it on, and it’s ready to use.

One standout quality of this product is its erase glide technology, which moves quickly across your skin in a circular motion and pulls each hair without tugging or pulling. This ensures smooth finishes after each shave for long-lasting hair removal results.

Another outstanding feature of this device is its nine tweezer control with 540 actions per second, which allows for quick and effective removal of unwanted body hair with minimal effort. As a result, the product is ideal for removing hair from even the most delicate areas, such as the upper lip, chin, bikini line, underarms, and leg regions.

Despite these merits, there have been complaints from some users that it doesn’t work well for thick or coarse hairs. Some users also criticized its lack of speed control.

Altogether, this epilator for women is non-sensitive and suitable for everyday use. We believe this product will provide you value for your money.

Is there any difference between epilation and depilation?

Epilation and depilation are often confused and used interchangeably. However, they do not mean the same thing.

epilator for women

Epilation refers to removing hair by the root. The most popular epilation methods are: waxing, epilating, laser, and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light technology).

Depilation, on the other hand, removes the hair only from the surface of the skin and leaves the hair root intact. The most popular depilation methods are: shavers, razor blades and depilatory creams.

Electric epilator: advantages and disadvantages

Before you make the choice to buy an epilator, you should be aware of the pros and cons.


1. Effectiveness

Unlike the razor, with which the hairs grow back in 2 to 3 days, the electric epilator promises weeks of smooth skin. In addition, this technique promises finer regrowth gradually as the roots of the hairs weaken.

2. Adaptable for a variety of people

Some will prefer epilators with air flow adapted to sensitive skin, others will appreciate the exfoliating heads that erase imperfections or the waterproof mode to calm pain and save time. There are many options available on the market.

3. An accessible investment

Much cheaper than pulsed light technology and waxing, quality electric epilators are accessible for less than 100 euros and even offer all kinds of accessories for this price.


1. Fairly painful technique

Electric hair removal is quite painful since it consists of plucking hairs at the root. Even if some models offer pain-relieving technology, it is still less pleasant than shaving or other methods of hair removal.

2. Time consuming

It is often necessary to go over the same area several times in order to eradicate all the hairs. Thus, it sometimes takes several tens of minutes to fully epilate your body parts. This does become more manageable after frequent use.

3. Not well suited to all areas

While other methods can be used everywhere, electric epilation can be unbearable in certain areas that are very sensitive. In addition, it is absolutely not recommended on the face.

How to choose the best epilator?

There are plenty of epilators to choose from on the market today, so how do you know which one is right for you? We will take you through the most important features to consider to help you find one that is suitable for your needs.

Power: do I need a corded or battery-operated epilator?

Some epilators work using standard batteries. These might be a good choice if you’re new to epilating and don’t want to spend a lot. However, if your plan is to epilate often, a corded or rechargeable model would suit your needs best. Corded epilators are generally more powerful and maintain optimum performance throughout an epilation. Rechargeable instead will offer you more movement freedom but might lose their power if the battery is running low. Modern rechargeables are getting better and better with both battery life and power, so these may be more expensive but are often the best option.

Number of tweezers

In a nutshell, epilators work in the same way as your everyday manual tweezer, but are able to pluck multiple hairs at once. That’s why the more tweezers the epilator head consists of, the quicker it will be able to cover larger areas. So when considering your purchase, you need to think about the number of tweezers in conjunction with which areas of the body you will be covering. Tweezer heads can have from 9–10 tweezers (for delicate facial areas) up 72. It is also worth mentioning that the more tweezers the epilator has, the more pain that will be felt but, because more tweezers are quicker, the pain will not last as long.

Wet, dry or both?

Although epilating works best on dry skin, many recent models can be used in shower or even underwater. Usually these models will cost more. Since it makes epilation less messy and painful, you would probably like to have this option available. When submerged in water, your body is less sensitive to the plucking sensation, and the skin is less irritated as warm water helps to relax. The downside of epilating in the shower is that the whole process will likely be less effective, since the hair will stick to the skin and won’t be grabbed by the device. However, the percentage of eliminated hair can be increased when epilating while completely submerged in the water. Wet and dry models are designed to be waterproof and they also automatically shut off when plugged into a power socket for safety reasons. The battery life also tends to get shorter when epilating under water. Obviously, for safety reasons, cable powered epilators cannot be used in wet conditions.

Epilator accessories and extra features

In addition to the basic features above, you can also look for extra features to make the whole process more effective and less painful. Consider your own needs and choose the features that will help you remove hair as easily as possible.

Cleansing and exfoliating brushes

Exfoliating before and between hair removal with epilator is important to reduce ingrown hairs, one of the common side effects from any method involving plucking from the root. Included as an optional head, it has the advantage of ensuring that you get a good amount of use from your epilator. Some epilators come with a separate exfoliating brush, but the ones with interchangeable head are the most convenient.

Cap attachments

Most epilators will have one or more caps that are added to the epilator head depending on what part of the body they are used for. Usually, there is a sensitive area cap for use on underarms and bikini-line, and, if the epilator is designed for facial use, there may be a facial cap. These cover part of the head so that the number of tweezers in use is decreased.  Some also have massage caps. These are designed to make the process more comfortable, using rollers to help stretch and vibrate the skin when epilating.

Built-in light

Some epilators have a built-in light which is positioned to illuminate the hairs in the immediate area being epilated. This can help you to see hairs that are flat against the skin or particularly fine, so that you can epilate efficiently with less need to go over the same area again and again. Users swear by this feature as a must have.

Dual speed

Most of the epilators designed for full body use have a dual speed function: slower for gentler epilation of sensitive areas and faster for quicker, more efficient coverage of larger, less sensitive areas. This is a nice feature to give you some control over the speed of your epilator.

Extra-wide epilator head

A wider epilation head covers more surface area, for a faster and more efficient hair removal process.

Hypoallergenic ceramic discs

If your skin is sensitive or you’re concerned about developing an allergic reaction to metal coils, opt for an epilator with ceramic disc tweezers. These will remove your hairs effectively without the risk of irritation.

Coolers and massages

Some users describe a burning feeling when they use the epilator, especially the first time. With that in mind, some manufacturers include cooling gloves with their epilators to give you a cooling sensation that can bring immediate relief. Some even have built-in integrated skin coolers to continuously cool the skin while epilating. Others include massaging heads as well.

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