Best Food Scale for Culinary Precision

It can often be difficult to follow the exact recipe with all the measurements for dry and wet ingredients. This is why you need a handy kitchen scale to cook and bake decadent dishes perfectly. We have researched the best food scales that will make the kitchen maestro in no time.

Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, Digital Grams and Ounces for Weight Loss, Baking, Cooking, Keto and Meal Prep, Small, 304 Stainless Steel

Best overall

To measure your ingredients with utmost accuracy, you need the food scale by Etekcity EK6015. This digital kitchen scale is easy-to-read, fun to use, and provides good value for money.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Measures to perfection
  • It comes with an auto-shutoff
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money


  • Not waterproof
  • It does not offer long-lasting use


When in the kitchen, it is always fun to cook and bake to your heart’s content. However, to do so, you need a kitchen scale as your cooking assistant.

The Etekcity EK6015 digital kitchen scale is one of the best additions to your kitchenware. From liquids to dry and chopped ingredients, this food scale measures everything with utmost accuracy so you can cook perfectly.

This lightweight, high-precision digital scale comes with four smart, built-in load sensors (accurate to the increments 0.05oz/1g) and has a measuring capacity of 5kg/11lb.

This kitchen scale is built to be highly user-centric and allows multi-unit conversion for easy use. It can convert various liquid and dry ingredients into oz./lb. , oz./g/mL, and oz./FL so that the user will have no difficulty accurately measuring the ingredients to perfection.

The best part is that this digital kitchen scale comes with an LCD with an auto-shut function. The reading is displayed for a good 30 seconds, so you have enough time to do your pre. Even if you forget to “turn off” the food scale, the purple backlit display will shut down after 2 minutes, which helps to save the battery for long-term use.

One of the biggest hassles people face while cooking is faulty container measurement. It disrupts the recipe. With this Etekcity scale, the users can leverage the built-in tare functions that allow them to seamlessly subtract the weight of the bowl/container from the total weight of the ingredients and the containers.

This silverware food scale is made from stainless steel, making it rust-resistant and completely safe for ingredients and food. It is easy to clean, you can wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth, and it is good to go.

The sleek design looks great on your kitchen top and provides good value for money.

Nevertheless, there have been minor complaints from the users. Although they find it handy in the kitchen, this food scale is not waterproof, so you have to be cautious while cleaning it. Moreover, people do not find it durable, and it stops working after a few months of use.

The good part is that you can take up these complaints with Etekcity’s top-notch customer service and see what they can do for you.

Overall, this Etekcity food scale is a good purchase as it offers reliable measurements and helps you cook easily in less time.

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display, Batteries Included

Runner up

The Amazon Basics food weight scale, with its high precision reading and LCD, is a major game changer for food prep and baking. It helps you cook in less time and is worth every penny.


  • Wide LCD screen display
  • Easy to use and clean
  • High-end quality
  • Allows portion control
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Value-priced option


  • Inaccurate readings


It is surprising how small amounts of ingredients or disparate measurements can completely change a recipe. However, accurate measurement is the fine line between good and bad food prep.

This is why; you need to stop using the old-fashioned measuring cups because this Amazon Basics food scale is a game changer in many ways.

It is a highly useful, stainless steel; digital kitchen scale that allows you to measure your ingredients in a mess-free way quickly. It is recommended while baking, as it helps you create decadent goods and saves you from making overly dry cakes and cookies.

Even if you are on a weight loss journey, this food scale can be your biggest aid, as it helps measure your portion size and stick to your diet plans.

This Amazon Basics kitchen scale comes with a generously wide weighing platform that can easily accommodate bulky food ingredients and even larger bowls. Moreover, the readings are easy to read on the widescreen LCD.

In addition, by only pressing one button, you can convert the measurements to the unit of your choice, such as from ounces to pounds, grams, or kilograms.

One of the nice features of this digital scale is that it has an automatic shut-off function. The LCD will go off after 2 minutes and 15 seconds, saving the battery life. This food scale also has a user-friendly tare function that allows subtracting the weight of the container from the total.

This stainless steel, sleek design is easy to clean, use, and read and has a weighing capacity of 11lbs or 5 kg.

The compact, convenient size allows the user to easily carry or keep out on the countertop without occupying much space. For example, if you are not a fan of keeping things on your kitchen counter, you can easily tuck them away in your cupboard or pantry.

It comes with two AA batteries that are energy efficient and offer long-lasting use.

There is no doubt that this food scale makes cooking and baking fun. However, some users complain that the measurements can be inaccurate and make it difficult to use the tare function.

Besides this, we think this Amazon Basics digital scale is a must-have in the kitchen for easy cooking and baking.

Digital Kitchen Scale Food Scale, 11 lb/5 kg Stainless Steel LCD Display Tare Function Automatic Shutdown Batteries Included, Silver

Budget pick

If you love baking to your heart’s content, but budget is an issue, then there is no better pick than this ADORIC kitchen scale. With accurate and reliable readings, it offers good value for money.


  • High-precision readings
  • Easy to use, store, and clean
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Stain and rust resistant
  • Budget-friendly


  • The readings freeze while working


Everyone knows that baking and cooking are science, and in science, as we know, we need precise measurements. But moreover, inaccurate measurements can turn a perfect recipe into a disaster.

To recreate recipes with perfection, stop using your measuring cups because now you can use one of the most precise and budget-friendly food scales by ADORIC.

This high-precision digital scale is not limited to kitchen use. You can also measure the weight of your jewelry, gold, stones, stamps, and even letters with utmost accuracy. It has 4 built-in precision load sensors with a weighing capacity of 11lbs or 5 kg.

It comes with a beautiful design, with a multipurpose, broad weighing platform that will not disappoint you with any recipe. The stainless steel material makes it stain and rust-resistant.

The best part is that it has a built-in fingerprint-resistant technology that makes it easy to maintain, clean, and care for.

The purple backlit LCD enables easy readings with quick conversion and measurements for wet or dry ingredients. It also has a low battery indicator, so you will know exactly when to change them.

This compact, small scale saves you kitchen space. You can keep it on your kitchen counter or tuck it away in your cupboard or pantry.

This food scale allows you to leverage the tare function to know the exact measurement of the ingredients without the container. Moreover, you can reset the reading to zero with one button press.

The food scale automatically shuts off the reading display to save battery power and make it last longer. You can easily clean this digital scale with a clean rag or wipe after each use.

This food scale provides good value for money, but users have complained that the reading freezes midway while the food scale is working. The manufacturers recommend using the buyer’s guide with the scale for better usage.

As per our research, we think that if you are on a budget, but love to bake, then there is no better choice than this ADORIC food scale.

Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Black on White

Best premium

The Ozeri ZK 14-W is a premium quality kitchen scale that makes your time in the kitchen fun. This easy-to-read scale enables you to recreate any recipe with precise measurements and great taste.


  • Easy to use, store, and clean
  • High precision readings
  • Wide weighing platform
  • Easy unit conversion
  • Long-lasting use
  • Good value for money


  • Often the reading does not reset to zero


The Ozeri Pronto digital kitchen scale is a multifunctional, premium kitchen equipment selected in a study for weight loss and breast cancer prevention at Harvard Medical School by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

The food scales come with a built-in latest-generation sensor technology that ensures highly precise measurements with instant response. The wide weighing platform (one of the largest platforms in its class) is a feature loved by fast-paced chefs who want reliable readings in the blink of an eye.

The Pronto food scale comes with elegant finesses and a refined touch that you can use as a postage or stamping machine to up your kid’s next science project or simply for your mail.

One of the best features of this high-end kitchen scale is that it allows easy conversion to any unit with one push button. As a result, you can measure your ingredients accurately in six different units, including lbs,g lbs: oz, oz., ml, or kg.

The wide backlit purple screen LCD provides upgraded viewing angles for a chef on the move. With this digital kitchen scale by your side, you can keep a check on your portion control and stay on track with your weight loss goals.

This food scale also features a handy tare button that instantly subtracts the weight of any container or bowl to get you the net weight of your food item or ingredients.

One of the unique features you will hardly find anywhere is that the unit and tare button in this beautifully designed kitchen scale has a tactile and audible click confirmation. So you will never have to push the button twice to reset when you are in a hurry.

This food scale is compact, elegant, and comes in various aesthetically tasteful colors with 2 AA batteries. It makes your recipes perfect and adds to your kitchen décor.

It is also easy to clean; all you need is a clean rag and wipe off all the residues after each use. This scale also has an auto shut function, so the LCD automatically goes off to save and elongate the battery life.

The only problem reported so far is that the scale does not often reset to zero. As a result, it feels like it measures “air” even when nothing is on it, which can disrupt the measurement of the ingredients.

Overall, this Ozeri Pronto digital kitchen scale is the ultimate savior for all on-the-go chefs and people on a weight loss journey.

Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale with Bowl, Digital Weight Scale for Food Ounces and Grams, Cooking and Baking, Timer, and Temperature Sensor, 2.06 QT, Stainless Steel

Best scale with a bowl

If you are looking for a good quality food scale that provides reliable readings, stop here. This Etekcity kitchen scale has a bowl, timer, and temperature sensor, providing good value for money.


  • High precision readings
  • Instant response
  • Multipurpose usage
  • It comes with a bowl, timer, and temperature sensor
  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Good value for money


  • No conversion for temperature


Whether you want to bake with perfection or be mindful of what you eat, a good kitchen scale can keep you on track.

With the Etekcity digital kitchen scale, you can measure your food items or other ingredients precisely, no mistakes made.

This gram scale comes in a sleek, sturdy design made of stainless steel. It offers multipurpose usage; along with your food ingredients, you can also use it to measure marijuana.

This food scale comes with a bowl with a weighing capacity of 11lbs or 5 kg and a high precision sensor for strain gauge. It conveniently converts the measurement units per your preferences and displays them on the widescreen LCD for easy reading.

The backlit LCD shows the reading with utmost clarity and turns off automatically after 2 minutes to save up on battery life.

The best part is that this digital scale has a built-in timer and a room temperature sensor. This enables the user to make their favorite baked goodies with less clutter and more accuracy.

Moreover, the precise tare function gets you to-the-point measurements after subtracting the weight of the bowl or containers. Finally, the sleek stainless steel finish makes this food scale an aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchenware.

The compact, small scale adds class to your kitchen counter without taking up much space. However, if you are one of the keep-the-counters-empty kind of cooks, you can easily store this digital scale in your pantry or cupboard. The best part is that the bowl is fully detachable, making it easier to use, store, and clean.

Even though this food scale offers great to use with high-end quality, there have been some complaints. For example, people find it annoying that the temperature can only be read in Fahrenheit with no conversion to Celsius.

We think that overall, this Etekcity food scale makes a great purchase for anyone who loves to bake, cook or keep track of their eating habits with portion control.

Food scale buying guide

Cooking is the art of measuring ingredients to perfection.

Do you want to save time in the kitchen and recreate your favorite recipe perfectly? If yes, it is time to say goodbye to the old-fashioned measuring cups and get a good digital kitchen scale to cook, bake and manage your diet like a pro.

kitchen scale

Food scales enable you to accurately measure your food items or ingredients because one wrong measurement and your recipe will become a cooking disaster. This fascinating yet made-to-perfection kitchenware offers you the ease of prepping ingredients like never before.

After proper research, this buying guide will help you get the best food scales to cook and bake to your heart’s content.

Kitchen scale – make your time in the kitchen fun

Gone are the days when the old-school, messy ways of measuring ingredients with a cup were of any use. We live in modern times and have solutions to all our cooking and baking problems.

A food scale is an intelligent, battery-operated invention that is easy to use yet allows you to measure all your ingredients, food items, and even jewelry to perfection. Food scales go by many other names like kitchen or weighing scales and come with built-in tare function, LCD, and unit conversion.

The best part is that you can use it easily; no rocket science is involved. For example, instead of using multiple cups for different wet and dry ingredients, you can use a digital kitchen scale as a one-stop-measuring solution.

Kitchen scales are safe to use, easy to store and make an aesthetically pleasing addition to kitchenware.

Types of food scales – choose your pick

The food scales come in different shapes, sizes, modifications, and uses – every feature depends on the brand and model you purchase. Moreover, it is common for people to get often confused about finding the right pick from a diverse range, but with this buying guide, it is not anymore!

Here are different kitchen scales that can help you enjoy your time in the kitchen with less clutter. All of these are digital kitchen scales; mechanical scales are not much used today in households.

Portion control kitchen scale

These kitchen scales allow you to serve yourself consistent food portions. This food scale with a calorie counter, timer, LCD, and instant yet accurate measurements helps you stay on track with your weight loss journey.

Baking kitchen scale

This is your usual food scale, but more handy for baking. It is also known as the balance or weighing scale that can measure all wet and dry ingredients with precision and less mess.

Hanging kitchen scale

Even though these are rarely used, they are still a thing. They come with hooks, a loop, a reading face, and a ring and offer accurate readings. However, the biggest setback is that these digital hanging scales are not easy to use.

Kitchen scale with a bowl

These high-quality yet lightweight digital food scales come with a detachable bowl that makes them more user-friendly and accurate.
food weight scale

Features of food scale

Here are the key features that make every kitchen scale your best cooking and baking partner:

Ease of use and clean

Digital kitchen scales are built with advanced technology for use and care. The weighing scales must be easy to clean with a rag that can easily wipe off any residues without running the quality.

Reset to zero

A good kitchen scale must be easy to reset to zero with just one button push.

Unit conversion

Different recipes have different measuring units for ingredients. Any food scale must allow easy conversion to all basic units, including oz., lb., g, kg, or ml.

The versatile design and size

The food scales must come with a good-sized weighing platform with a versatile yet compact design that offers multipurpose use and looks good on your kitchen countertop.

Easy to store

The compact, small scales must be easy to store in your pantry or kitchen cupboard without taking up much space.

Easy to read

The digital kitchen scale should have an easy-to-read, wide LCD for clarity.

Auto shut off

When you are cooking, you are often in a hurry. This is why; the food scale you use must have an auto shut-off that closes the LCD after 2 minutes to save battery life.

Power supply

The food scale must have an uninterrupted battery power supply. In addition, the readings must not freeze while you are working.

Additional features

Offers diverse use, strong, durable, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective.  

Final words

If you are planning to buy a food scale, ensure that it has all the modern-day features to enable you to cook or bake in less time, with style and accurate measurements.

It must be easy to clean and care for, allow you to read the measurements easily, instantly reset to zero, and offer long-lasting use with the same great quality as day.

Next time you go on a shopping spree for a digital kitchen scale, make sure that you read through this buying guide.

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