Best Hair Clippers For DIY Cuts At Home

Saving money and expressing your own creativity are two great reasons to get your own hair clippers. You can get a decent hair clipper for the price of a few haircuts, and we have researched to find you the best hair clippers to help you choose the right one.

Philips Hair Clipper Series 7000

Best overall

This ergonomically-shaped clipper from Philips is virtually maintenance free and 100% waterproof for easy cleaning. It features a zoom wheel for 28 length settings and a travel bag.


  • Good battery life of up to 90 minutes
  • Zoom wheel gives total control over cutting length
  • Easy to clean the blades with the push of a button
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • Not as powerful as some other models
  • Accessories feel a bit cheap


The Philips Hair Clipper Series 7000 is a great all-around personal hair clipper that makes cutting hair at home easy, affordable, and fun.

These clippers feature an ergonomic design and lightweight construction that makes them comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time. The blades are designed to self-sharpen and stay sharp for easy cutting. They are also removable with the push of a button which makes cleaning quite simple. The entire body of these clippers is waterproof, so you can run them under a faucet for easy cleaning after each use.

The set comes with everything you need to cut and style your hair. You get the cordless hair clipper, a cleaning brush, beard comb, 2 hair combs, scissors, and a soft travel bag. The clipper is designed to allow you to dial in the exact length of hair you want from .5–28 mm, so you can customize your cut. Users do complain that the scissors are too small and hard to use to be really useful.

The battery will give you about 90 minutes of life between charges which should be enough for a few haircuts, depending on how much hair you are cutting away. Because this is a cordless hair clipper, the power is not quite what you would get with a professional corded clipper, but it is enough to cut and trim most types of hair. It may take a few passes to get the length just right.

This hair clipper can also be used to trim body hair and beards, so it is very useful to have around the home.

You will get a lot of use out of the Philips Series 7000 hair clipper, and it is a good value for the money.

Wahl #79467

Best Corded Hair Clipper

This Wahl self-cut haircutting kit comes with everything you need to get professional results at home. With lots of power, and 12 guards this compact hair clipper is quiet and easy to use.


  • Powerful enough to cut hair in one pass
  • Great accessory set comes with everything you need
  • The size is comfortable to hold and lightweight enough to be comfortable
  • Quiet operation


  • New models are not the same quality as old models
  • Cord can get in the way when cutting


This premium hair cutting kit from renowned industry leader Wahl comes with everything you need to get a perfect home haircut.

The clippers themselves feature a compact design with a powerful motor and precision ground self-sharpening blades that give you a smooth, even cut no matter what hair type you have. While this clipper does come with a cord, it is long and designed to avoid tangles and snags as you move around your head to the back and neckline.

This kit comes with 22 pieces including a full set of secure-snap cutting attachment guards that go from 1/16th” to 1” and includes ear taper guards. You also get a compact case with a handle to store all of the accessories. The kit includes 2 combs, scissors and maintenance tools like oil, a cleaning cloth and brush.

You will be surprised at how quiet and easy to use these Wahl hair clippers are. They are designed to easily fit in the hand and the blades are sharp, so there will be no snags and you can get a perfect fade with one pass.

Some users complain that these clippers are not of the same quality as Wahl clippers of the past, but these are designed to last with quality blades and a powerful motor. With these corded clippers, you never have to worry about the battery dying or power fading.

For a professional haircut at home, take a look at the Wahl Clipper Self-Cut Haircutting Kit.

Roziapro Professional Hair Clippers

Best premium

This premium set of professional hair clippers for men by Roziapro gives you everything you need for the perfect home haircut. It includes an incredible 22 pieces with a convenient storage bag.


  • The kit is loaded with accessories including a beard trimmer
  • Quality metal build
  • Good battery life
  • Adjustable speeds for customization
  • LED shows battery life and RPM
  • Quality storage box to keep all the accessories together


  • May take a few passes to get the perfect cut
  • Beard trimmer is not very powerful


This impressive premium haircut kit from Roziapro is a fantastic value that gives you everything you need to get a perfect haircut at home.

The most impressive thing about this kit is the sheer number of accessories you get. It includes a unique hair clipper with an LED display made of metal giving it a quality look and feel. You also get a smaller beard trimmer with the same styling, but it is a bit underpowered. In addition, it comes with 8 limit combs with metal clips from 1.5–25 mm, 4 guide combs, charging cables, 2 sets of scissors, a comb, cleaning brush, storage bag, and even a haircut cape. The cape is made of a slick satiny material that is easy to keep clean.

The clippers themselves feature a sharp, stainless steel blade that is easy to clean and can be rinsed under the faucet. It has a powerful 10 watt motor, but is surprisingly quiet. The LED display lets you know which of the 4 speed settings you are using and how much power is left. This is a nice feature, especially if you are doing several haircuts or traveling.

The storage bag is a really nice addition giving you a tidy way to keep all the accessories together. It makes it a great way to give this as a gift to that special man in your life.

On the downside, the cordless clippers are not as powerful or sharp as some other models, but they get the job done.

You will enjoy this premium hair clipper set from Roziapro, and you may never have to visit a barbershop again.

WONER Cordless

Also good

This quality hair clipper set from Woner comes at a good price point with all the accessories you need for a decent home haircut. It comes with a 16-piece accessory set and a 240-minute battery life.


  • Impressively quiet
  • Great quality at a decent price
  • Comes with lots of guides and a variety of lengths to choose from
  • Powerful battery holds a charge for a long time
  • Included case stores all the accessories easily


  • Not as much power as corded models
  • Scissors are not good for cutting hair


This Woner cordless rechargeable hair clipper set is an excellent starter kit giving you lots of variety at a good price.

One great thing about this kit is that the 9 guards and adjustable dial on the clippers allow you to cut 35 different lengths from .8–18 mm, giving you total control over the length of your hair. It also includes guards for fading over the left and right ears.

The clippers come with a ceramic and titanium blade which makes them durable and sharp. Some people complain that the blade is plastic, but it is made of lightweight ceramic. Woner guarantees their clippers with a 12-month replacement warranty.

Another exceptional reason to buy this clipper set is that it has up to 240 minutes of battery life before needing a charge. This gives you the freedom to cut and trim hair over and over without worrying about the battery dying.

This 16-piece set comes with a convenient storage bag that is rigid and easy to store away. One common complaint is that the scissors that are included are very low quality, so don’t expect them to trim very well.

Maintenance is simple—you can remove the blade with a simple push of the thumb to clean underneath. However, you do not get oil with the kit, so you should invest in some mineral oil which will keep the blades from snagging on your hair.

This 16-piece set from Woner gives you everything you need to become a semi-professional barber at home.

Hair clipper buying guide

Trimming and cutting your hair at home is a great way to avoid the extra expense of going to a barber frequently. Finding the right trimmer for you might be a challenge, so take a look at this buying guide which takes you through all you need to know about hair clippers to make the right choice for your needs.
hair trimmer

Corded or Cordless

The first choice you should make is whether to get a corded clipper or a cordless, rechargeable one. There are advantages and disadvantages to each kind of trimmer.


Corded clippers are more powerful and, of course, never need charging. They are inhibited by the length of the cord which can get in the way at times as you maneuver the clippers. Some professionals recommend starting off with corded clippers because they are more powerful and are easier to work with because of their consistency.


Cordless clippers can go anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about a cord being in the way. However, they are not as powerful and will ultimately need charging. Most cordless clippers have enough power to finish a haircut without a problem, but the power may not be as consistent as corded hair clippers.
clippers for men


When you buy clippers for your home, you will most likely get a magnetic motor that is good enough for most jobs, but there are other options available depending on your hair type and needs.


Magnetic motors are the lowest-cost and most common motors for clippers. These use magnets to vibrate the blades at a high speed giving you decent cutting power at a good price point.


Pivot motors use current to power two electromagnets that move the blade rapidly back and forth. These create more torque at lower speeds for tougher hair.


A rotary motor is powered by a spinning motor that gives the most power options and adjustability of any of the motors. These are usually found in higher-end clippers when you need to cut challenging hair types.
clippers for men


The clipper blades are usually made of stainless steel or some other corrosive-free metal. They are designed to move rapidly back and forth to cut the hair and sharpen themselves as they do so. The quality of the blades will mean that they stay sharper longer and will take less maintenance overall giving you cleaner cuts with fewer passes.

Other features

Hair clippers generally come with several other accessories to help you get the best haircut without having to buy additional equipment.

Cutting Lengths

The most important feature is the ability to cut any length of hair that you need. Hair clippers come with graders or attachment combs that allow you to adjust the length of hair being cut. These are usually numbered from 1-12 with 12 being the longest and 1 being the shortest. Some clippers will have adjustable combs that allow you to fade the hair at 1 mm intervals to give you control over the length you want.


Some hair clipper sets will come with a variety of accessories like cleaning brushes, combs, and oil. It is also nice to have a carrying case for storage to keep all of the cutting combs and other accessories together in one place.


All clippers will make some noise as they cut hair, but you should look for clippers that do not exceed your personal threshold for loudness. Remember that these will be used next to your ears, and some people cannot stand very loud noises.


Modern clippers do not require as much maintenance as they used to, but make sure you follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer. Generally, you should remove the blades from time to time to clean out the hair that gets inside the clipper head. Some require a drop of oil after use to keep everything running smoothly. Another consideration is to invest in antibacterial cleaning solutions for the blades and combs, especially if the clippers will be used by multiple people.


Having your own set of hair clippers is a great way to save money and personalize your style. Think about your own needs as you make a choice about which hair clipper is right for you. Ultimately, the higher quality model you get up front, the longer it will last and the more you will use it.

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