The Rise of the Best Kneeling Chairs for Healthy Sitting

Kneeling chairs are stools with angled seats designed to lower back pain and improve posture. You need one in your corporate office or home workspace to stretch and relax your knees. This article reviews some top products, outlining their pros, cons, and general description.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, Adjustable Stool for Home and Office - Improve Your Posture with an Angled Seat - Thick Comfortable Moulded Foam Cushions - Brake Casters

Best overall

The DRAGONN kneeling chair helps you relax better with two angled seats to straighten your knees. This chair has wheels for mobility, supports up to 250 lbs, and is suitable for all age ranges.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Relieves back strain and improves posture
  • Supports up to 250 lbs
  • Adjustable height


  • Wheel quality can be improved on


If you use a regular or standing desk at work, you’ll understand your knees can hurt over time. However, this DRAGONN kneeling chair is designed to combat this with its brilliant angled seat design.

The upper and lower angled seats allow you to sit with your laps stretched out and your knees resting on the lower seat. When seated correctly, your back is straightened to relieve strains and strengthen abdominal muscles. Most importantly, your overall posture is improved by giving you the relief of sitting and standing all in one.

You can pair this chair with any table – regular or standing, as it has adjustable height. The height can be adjusted between 21 and 28 inches to find the perfect position that fits your posture or table setting. Regardless of the chosen setting, it ensures your spine is aligned, and your body weight is evenly distributed.

The seats are well-padded and comfy, and the chair sits on four wheel casters for easy and quick mobility. With a stainless steel frame, this product is heavy-duty and can support a maximum weight of 250 lbs.

Suitable for all age ranges, this kneeling chair is limitless in its applications. Additionally, you can use it in offices, homes, classrooms, etc. The chair is easily set up, with or without the instruction manual.

However, there were a few complaints about the durability of the caster wheels, but these may be rare cases of quality control issues and are nothing to worry about.

The DRAGONN kneeling chair is a one-of-a-kind product that relieves built-in knee stress and lasts a long time.

Sleekform Kneeling Chair Height Adjustable for Office & Home | Ergonomic Posture Corrective Seat | Knee Stool for Bad Back Support, Neck Pain & Spine Relief | Orthopedic Faux Leather Knees Cushions

Runner up

With two high-density cushion seats, SLEEKFORM’s kneeling chair allows users to be more comfortable and productive for extended periods. Being adjustable makes it easier to find the perfect position.


  • 4x thicker cushion with faux leather cover
  • Relieves back pain and engages the core
  • Adjustable to find the perfect position
  • Mobile via wheels
  • Supports up to 265 lbs


  • It may not be suitable for tall people (6ft plus)


This kneeling chair from SLEEKFORM makes it as our runner-up pick because of its durability, comfortable seats, adjustability, and more.

This chair features the typical angled upper and lower seats. However, it improves on this design by using 4x thicker cushion seats to make users more comfortable, thereby increasing productivity at work. The seats are covered with soft faux leather, adding to the comfort of the cushion.

Another exciting feature is the chair’s adjustability. Users can adjust the chair to find the perfect sitting position for their posture. However, it is noteworthy that when the height is changed, the angle is automatically adjusted, too. There are no separate adjustments for either.

After finding the ideal height and angle, the chair drops your legs comfortably, with your knees gently pressing against the lower cushion. Further, it puts you in a position to engage your core and relieve pent-up back aches.

This SLEEKFORM chair can be conveniently moved around on any flooring, courtesy of the castor wheels. The wheels are universal and can be replaced with any other type if necessary.

With an alloy steel frame, it is strong enough to support up to 265 lbs of weight. It can be used with gaming, office, sewing tables, etc. Also, the seats are lockable for safety.

Despite its many advantages, we uncovered a few reports about how it may not be suitable for tall people, especially people 6ft plus.

Overall, this product is comfortable and versatile, making it a top choice for everyone.

Office Star KCM1420 Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair with Casters, Memory Foam and Black Metal Base Black

Budget pick

Sold at a lower price than others, the Office Star knee chair features a wide upper cushion and two narrow seats serving as knee rests. It holds 200 lbs and has four caster wheels for easy mobility.


  • Low cost
  • 200 lbs weight capacity
  • Wheelable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Cushions needs more padding


A less expensive kneeling chair, the Office Star KCM1420 is ergonomically designed for comfort with a cushioned seat, two knee rests, and a rigid frame.

The upper seat and lower knee rests are filled with memory foam and supported by a metal frame for added rigidity. This chair keeps your back aligned, and the knee pads reduce pressure on your knees after sitting for long hours.

It is simple and quick to assemble and can be adjusted to suit different needs. However, the level of supported adjustability is limited, so some users may not find the perfect position that suits them.

Holding up to 200 lbs, this knee chair works for children, teenagers, and adults. A bit smaller than our first two picks, it may not be suitable for a standing table but will work well with small, lower tables. It also has built-in wheels, making it easy to change positions as often as you would like.

Similarly, it may not be suitable for really tall people. Further research shows it may not be ideal for extended knee resting and is best enjoyed when alternating between sitting and standing. Otherwise, it is an excellent product.

One recurring complaint from past customers is that the memory foam used was too soft, making the cushions uncomfortable and less durable. Therefore, the cushions need extra padding to deliver the level of comfort they were designed for. The good news is that a 15-year limited warranty covers it.

That aside, this knee chair performs above average, considering its price. It will be a good addition to office setups for budget shoppers.

Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair Designed by Peter Opsvik (Black Revive Fabric with Black Ash Base)

Best premium

Originally designed by Peter Opsvik, a leading industrial designer, the Varier Kneeling Chair has a Scandinavian style and is super relaxing. It is sturdy and uses a wooden frame instead of metal.


  • Sleek Scandinavian style
  • Comfortable cushions
  • Sturdy wooden frame
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Includes soft tape for floor protection


  • No wheels


Considered to be one of the finest works of Peter Opsvik, this kneeling chair is stylish and functional. Originally designed in 1979 in Scandinavian style, it is perfect for vintage lovers.

This chair features a top cushion and dual knee pads. A curved frame adjoins the seats. The frame, made from wood, provides enough support to carry up to 200 lbs.

With the curved frame, this product works as a rocking chair. You can recline in and rock yourself back and forth when you’re having a lazy day. It is very relaxing and works for short and tall people.

This chair allows for a lot of customization. The dual knee pads will enable you to rest either knee or both. Also, you can stretch your legs or cross them in the space between the pads. People who like fancy or bold finishes will appreciate that there are three colour options; all-black, black cushions with ash frame, and blue cushions with ash frame.

Many users attested to this product’s ease of setup. And when assembled and used correctly, it eases lower back pain and helps to correct your posture. However, it is not adjustable. You may find it small and unsuitable for some uses, like using it with a standing desk.

The major demerit of this chair is the absence of wheels for convenient transport, and its wooden frame makes it relatively bulky to move manually. However, since it is relatively small, you shouldn’t experience much difficulty relocating this chair.

The Varier Kneeling Chair is a stylish and relaxing piece that relieves knee and back pain and adds more style to your space.

Flash Furniture WL-SB-101-GG Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Gray Fabric

Also good

Flash Furniture kneeling chair features a classic design with a natural-finish wooden base, a padded seat, and a knee rest. It is wheelable with an adjustable height between 20 and 26 inches.


  • Vintage style
  • Rigid wooden support
  • Adjustable height
  • Wheels for transport
  • Simple set up


  • Not padded enough


This kneeling chair is ideal for shoppers looking for something functional that blends with classic or vintage decor.

With an all-wooden frame, you can rely on this chair’s sturdiness to support heavy weights (200 lbs maximum). It can be used commercially and domestically, as it conforms to the required standards for both applications.

An excellent DIY project, it takes only one person to set up this chair and even easier to adjust its height to the preferred setting. All you have to do is raise the slanted back rod support up or down the four built-in levels. That way, you can increase or lower the height between 21 to 26 inches.

However, some users claim raising the height makes the angle slant forward more, which may not be convenient for sitting as the body weight will not be adequately distributed. In that case, using it may only be appropriate for a short period.

The seats are available in black or gray options, while the wooden base remains the same (natural finish). With four wheel casters on the base, the chair can quickly move from place to place by simply pushing.

Not small or large, it is just the right size for standard rooms, and you can even use it in the kitchen as a kitchen island chair or place it on the patio for evening reads.

However, several customers thought the seats were not padded enough, making them not as comfortable as they had expected.

Regardless, the Flash Furniture kneeling chair is elegant and durable and will serve you for a long time.

Kneeling chairs buying guide

Kneeling chairs are best used to correct poor postures and circulate blood better in the body. Plus, they also provide optimal comfort while supporting posture. This guide will describe the importance of kneeling chairs and how to choose the most comfortable one during purchase.
Ergonomic kneeling chair

What are kneeling chairs?

Kneeling chairs are innovatively designed to make sitting fun, but most importantly, they include lots of health benefits and productivity while in use.

Granting you the perfect poise, kneeling chairs are unique with their perfectly angled designs to prevent knee pressure, help with your balance reflex and protect your cores.

While they’re available in several types and designs, they collectively feature flexible shin pads to prevent shin pressure and provide the best lumbar support needed to carry out mundane tasks.

The curvature of a kneeling chair makes it easy and prompts one to maintain the best balance for the body. The frequent use of this chair would facilitate regular blood flow to the brain, which can positively affect your concentration levels and sense of well-being.

Types of kneeling chairs

Different types of kneeling chairs are available, each designed to suit your settings and needs. And while they offer mainly the same benefits, they’re featured with distinctive functionality and mobility. Here are different kneeling chair types available for users:

X-frame kneeling chair

The X-frame kneeling chair is designed with lots of padding and a height adjustment range to improve stability during its use.

Its height adjustment range allows you to transition between 10 inches to 31 inches to fit your workspace, making it ideal in any space, whether your table or desk is higher than the standard table height. It also offers a 90-degree angle and the best cushion to keep you comfortable.

The kneeling chair is relatively one of the easiest to assemble and features a traditional X frame design, hence its name.

Balance-type kneeling chairs

These kneeling chairs are designed as an open construction with mechanical adjustment parts to suit your taste.

They are made of wood and can rock back and forth. So just as appealing as they seem for aesthetics, they also provide a high functionality by improving posture performance. Balance kneeling chairs are also very lightweight and can easily be tucked when they are not in use.

However, their wood structure makes it impossible to support people weighing over 225 pounds.

Saddle kneeling chairs

Saddle kneeling chairs are work chairs that offer durable sitting posture when working long hours. Since they have no wide backs, they strengthen the user’s core and make it almost impossible to slouch.

Padding aside, saddle kneeling chairs also provide excellent support for your back and improve blood circulation in the legs. However, they are not ideal for people with weak muscles or poor back health.
Office kneeling chair

Features to look out for in kneeling chairs

There are several types of kneeling chairs, each with distinctive features intriguing enough to impact decision-making. These features include:


Many kneeling chairs available today have been constructed with ergonomic shaping and designs to enhance comfort in their use. Some of these include moulded foam cushions, the orientation of different chair components and adjustable features to enhance performance.

Knee pads

Knee pads generally reduce the impact on the knees, providing more comfort and protecting the kneecaps in the process. They are used in kneeling chairs to support legs under the shin while working and are usually designed with lots of padded foam cushioning to provide adequate comfort.

Under-seat lever

The under-seat lever controls the kneeling chair adjustable controls. When locked, the seat lever prevents the kneeling chair from rocking back and forth and activates this feature when it’s unlocked.

It also performs the role of a back height adjustment, regulating the tightness of the knob to allow you to position the backrest lumbar support area to your customized taste.


Kneeling chair frames are usually made with materials like wood or metal, depending on the chair type. It highlights the chair shape and is commonly referred to as the rigid frame structure needed to create a kneeling chair. It is also often placed on casters to provide the required mobility and support needed to enhance the posture and stability of kneeling chairs.

Nylon base

The nylon base of a kneeling chair is made with sturdy and durable materials to keep the seat stable while in use.

The nylon base is a synthetic polymer set for mobility. It’s usually made to form high-impact resistance and durable chair components. Furthermore, it may have a textured or smooth base, depending on your design.

Spine alignment

Kneeling chairs are designed to support the body under the shins while keeping you healthy for a good spine alignment. These spine alignments refer to proper sitting postures that align your head, shoulders and spine to reduce tension or back pains.

Pneumatic seat height

This uses an integrated gas lift mechanism to control the height of the kneeling seat when activated by the under-seat lever. Kneeling chairs adjust along a preset height range, usually between 10 and 31 inches. However, this is dependent on the kneeling chair type.


When opting for kneeling chairs, it’s best to find the types with at least 20 degrees of inclination. This provides the best angle required for proper spine aligns and tips the pelvis forward to reduce back pain.

How do you choose the best kneeling chair?

The best kneeling chair has several adjustability ranges like angle and height, all embedded to provide you with the best posture. Before making a purchase, you must ensure that it’s designed with thick padding and breathable fabrics to allow you to sit comfortably and keep you comfortable all day.

Kneeling chairs are great for anyone with poor posture or experiencing body pains. While they keep the body energized, they’re specifically designed to relieve the pressure on your back from having to sit in a traditional office chair for an extended period.

To confirm whether or not a kneeling chair is best for you, run tests by sitting on these chairs before making purchases. A good kneeling chair would have your back and shoulders sitting straight. It would also feature a knee pad to sit with using one or both legs.

The continuous use of a kneeling chair gradually strengthens your core and back muscles as it engages them while carrying nutrients to the brain and circulating your blood better.

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