Best Shower Mirrors (Stylish & Functional)

Are you looking for a new shower mirror? After carefully comparing dozens of shower mirrors, we have compiled a list of the best products for different budgets.

Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror for Fog Free Shaving with Upgraded Suction-Cup, Shatterproof Surface and 360° Swivel, 6.3 x 6.3 Inch (Anti-Fog Spray Sold Separately)

Best overall

The Mirrorvana Shower mirror is moderately anti-fog and rotates 360 degrees to get all your angles. It has dual surface attachment options through its suction cup and hanging loop.


  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Suction cup and hanging loop installation methods
  • It comes with an anti-fog spray
  • Easy to install


  • The suction cup may not have the best adhesion
  • Many users complained it fogs

ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror, Bigger Reflective Surface & Thinner Frame, Squeegee Included, Black

Runner up

ToiletTree Products Ultimate Shower mirror is 16.5 cm wide and 20.3 cm long to provide users with more extensive views and has a water chamber filled with warm or hot water to prevent fog.


  • Bigger screen
  • Fog and rust-resistant
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Free squeegee included for cleaning
  • The water chamber also serves as a razor holder


  • Poor wall adhesion

HoneyBull Shower Mirror for Shaving Fogless with Suction, Razor Holder & Swivel

Budget pick

HoneyBull Shower mirror is a low-cost oval mirror that is finished with a fog-resistant coating and swivels 360 degrees to capture all your sides. It is easy to install and has a built-in razor hook.


  • Low price
  • 7” L x 7” W
  • Fog-resistant
  • Built-in razor hook
  • Swivels 360 degrees


  • Its weak suction cup causes the mirror to fall
  • It still fogs despite the coating

ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror with Squeegee, 1.45 Ounce

Best premium

This 9.6” x 2.8” ToiletTree Products Deluxe Shower mirror is wall-mounted for a larger reflective surface. This mirror has a built-in razor or sponge storage and comes with a squeegee for cleaning.


  • Large mirror surface
  • Can tilt or pivot
  • Built-in razor or sponge storage
  • The package includes a squeegee for cleaning


  • The mirror may fog
  • LED lights are barely functional, so the lighting is not great

XoYo-Large Fogless Shower Mirror (11inX7.48in) Includes 1 Adhesive Hooks, Anit-Fog Shower Mirror, Shower Makeup Shave Mirror, Frameless Shower Mirror, Wall Hanging Mirror

Also good

With a dimension of 11” by 7.8”, XoYo Shower mirror provides users with a large view while shaving or applying makeup. It is scratch-resistant, has a razor hook, and is easy to install and use.


  • Large reflective surface
  • Non porous and scratch-resistant
  • Has a razor hook
  • Easy to install and use.


  • Not anti-fog as advertised

Shower mirror buying guide

One of the most important things in any bathroom is a mirror. Not only are they essential for personal grooming, but they can also help to make a small space feel larger and brighter. A shower mirror is a great way to get the most out of your bathroom mirror and can be especially useful in tight or steamy spaces.

The benefits of owning a shower mirror

There are many, but the main ones are that they can help you to see yourself more clearly while showering and can also help to prevent condensation from building up on your bathroom mirror.

Types of shower mirrors

Tilting shower mirrors

These mirrors can be adjusted to different angles, making them ideal for shaving, applying makeup, or even just washing your face.

Fog-free shower mirrors

As the name suggests, these mirrors are designed to stay clear even in humid or steamy bathrooms. They often have special coatings that help to repel water and prevent condensation.

Lighted shower mirrors

Some shower mirrors come with built-in lighting, which can be helpful for tasks like shaving or applying makeup. These mirrors often have batteries or can be plugged into an outlet.

How to choose a shower mirror

When choosing a shower mirror, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Size and shape of the mirror

Consider the size and shape of the mirror. You’ll want to make sure that it’s large enough to be useful, but not so large that it feels overwhelming in your space.

What you will be using the shower mirror for

Think about what you’ll be using the shower mirror for. If you plan on shaving or applying makeup, you’ll want to make sure that the mirror is at a good angle and has good lighting.

The style of your bathroom

Consider the style of your bathroom when choosing a shower mirror. A more traditional mirror might not fit well in a contemporary space, for example.

How easy it is to install

Some shower mirrors come with suction cups or adhesive strips that make them easy to install. Others might require more permanent fixtures, like screws or brackets.


A shower mirror can be a great addition to any bathroom, especially if you’re tight on space. When choosing a shower mirror, keep in mind the size and shape of the mirror, what you’ll be using it for, and the style of your bathroom. Installation is also something to consider, as some mirrors are easier to install than others.

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